Great movies cost money to make. That fact, however, should not be the reason your Cause is denied THE best branding and promotional tool there is! Our Emmy® Award-winning production team specializes in making amazing movies for amazing Causes and we want to make that happen for YOU. So CelebrityFilms® pioneered the concept of FilmFunding®.

FilmFunding® is a unique platform created to assist you in raising financing from potential donors to fund Non-Profit multimedia projects. Leverage our expertise in branding and creating value to involve donors in the movie-making process.  Amongst FilmFunding’s® successes are the Emmy® Award Winning films “Jacob’s Turn”, “Esperanza”, “Mi Casa Hogar”, “Visioneer”, and “Return to Esperanza.”

Let FilmFunding® guide your Non-Profit through every step of the fundraising process; from creating the donor packages to staging fundraising events, to the presentation of this exciting movie-making opportunity. Let us do what we do best – creating a platform from which you can develop your vision, raise money to manifest that vision through filmmaking, and guide you in the production of a film that inspires donors and volunteers for years to come.