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  • Esperanza
  • Mi Casa Hogar
  • Filling the Financial Gap
  • The Celebrity Code
  • Practicing Perfection
  • Car Men
  • Tackling Taxes
  • The IT Guy
  • The Flower Girl
  • Real
  • Life in Balance
  • Financial Safari
  • Family Taxes

Film Trailers

Rod Polston – Tackling Taxes

Rod Polston runs a one-of-a-kind law firm, using a unique method for resolving clients tax liability problems. Rod, the attorneys and enrolled agents in his office meet with clients and strategize on how they can help clients meet their goals and live the life they want free of the burden of a tax liability. Rod has distinguished himself from other law firms by providing his clients with an upfront estimation on how much their total case will cost rather than charging them hourly and separately for each services. Rod has over 17 years of tax experience and 10 years of legal experience representing clients before the IRS and has distinguished himself as a leader and strong negotiator among both the legal community as well as among the IRS agents his office routinely works with. Rod has put together an elite team comprised of attorneys, accountants, and several case managers who analyze and prepare a strategy on a case-by-case basis to ensure the best possible outcome for each individual case.

Jay Kinder & Mike Reese – Real People. Real Systems. Real Profits.

An inside look at Kinder and Reese’s unique way of working with their clients and how they not only help them with their real estate needs, but go way beyond in making an impact in the lives of their clients and community. The documentary will reveal an in-depth look at Jay and Michael’s business and personal lives. Jay and Michael share an unmatched business partnership allowing them to provide exceptional service to clients and their community that is second to none.

Chris Wiser – The I.T. Guy

CEO, author and speaker, Chris Wiser, is the focus of CelebrityFilms’ newest documentary, “The I.T.Guy”. The film shares an inside look at Wiser’s unique way of working with his clients and how he not only helps them solve their corporate issues, but goes way beyond to make an impact in the lives of his clients and his community. Chris Wiser is the CEO and Founder of TechSquad IT, a Milwaukee-based company, which provides managed Technology services to small businesses with 10 to 200 employees. Since founding TechSquad IT in 2004, Chris and his team have set the industry standard by bringing practical and pertinent expertise to the “outsourced IT” experience. It is through his 10-plus years of experience in professional IT consulting and telecommunications, that Chris and his team have been able to consistently surpass the unique business needs of today’s SMB end users. As both a public-facing entrepreneur and MSP, Chris can often be spotted sharing his expertise and best practices at various industry events – both live and online.

Mi Casa Hogar

Acapulco is known as a playground for the rich and famous. But for many children who live there, there are few fun and games – just a daily battle for survival. Enter Casa Hogar del Niño de Acapulco, a former luxury hotel transformed into an orphanage whose mission is to help those children to a brighter tomorrow. The moving documentary Mi Casa Hogar reveals the unique history of this very special and crucial resource, as it tells the uplifting stories of the kids it cares for on a daily basis, including those given up by their impoverished parents, those living on the streets, and those abused and mistreated by those who were supposed to care for them. Discover their special smiles and upbeat attitudes through the eyes of a group of American entrepreneurs visiting on a mission of hope and help, in this beautifully-photographed and evocative film. Mi Casa Hogar demonstrates what a difference a loving “home” really can make – especially to those who never thought they’d have one.

Rob Russell – Filling the Financial Gap

Here is the trailer for the documentry on the rise of Robert Russell, a Wealth Advisor in Dayton, OH who has taken a wealth planning strategy to individuals that is typically reserved for pension plans and endowment funds. So what is it that the Ultra Wealthy know about Investing that the average investor and their advisor don’t?

Nick Nemeth – Life in Balance

In Life in Balance, you’ll discover how Nick’s very bumpy road from dentistry and the nightclub business led him to this true calling as a tax attorney. You’ll also meet a few of his many satisfied clients who thought there was no way out from their tax burden- including one who had her $70,000 IRS bill reduced to $383! And you’ll get an inside look at Nick’s real-life version of The Brady Bunch- his blended family of five kids, as well as assorted cats and dogs-and find out how he and his wife do their own big-time balancing act between running their firm and getting the kids to hockey practice. When there’s this much to juggle, its not always easy to achieve a Life in Balance- but this absorbing documentary shows you how Nick Nemeth pulls it off with style, professionalism and always a smile.

Pete D’Arruda – Coach Pete’s Financial Safari

In Coach Pete’s Financial Safari you’ll go behind the scenes to discover the simple truths behind the successful strategies he shares every day, both in his media appearances and with his company’s clients. Best of all you’ll join in the rich life he enjoys with his winning team, made up of his family, friends, and co-workers. So jump into the Coach Pete Mobil and prepare for the ride of your life. No, there isn’t any dangerous wildlife on this safari but it is a sure fire way to escape today’s financial jungle!

Life of the Party

He’s the ultimate Party Dude – producing over 4000 events at such awesome locations as tropical islands, cruise ships, airplane hangers and such major sporting events as the Daytona 5000, Pepsi 400, Super Bowl, PGA golf tournaments, NBA all-stars, Capitol One Bowl and the Orange Bowl. He’s Darren W. Johnson, and, in Life and the Party, you’ll get an exclusive look into how he makes the magic happen in the exclusive events he creates for industry giants all across the world. Best of all, you’ll get a guided tour of the ultimate “Good Time on Wheels” his “XPT” (Extreme Party Truck), a renovated fire truck that comes complete with 16 flat panel TV’s, a giant 14′ big screen monster sound system with DJ/Karaoke, a meat smoker, a wine cellar, and much, much more. The party never stops with Darren W. Johnson – so get set to celebrate the life and times of America’s foremost funmaker!


Esperanza is the inspirational story of how the Great American Pastime of Baseball led a young ball player to his life’s mission. While playing winter ball in the Dominican Republic in 1985, Dave Valle, a Seattle Mariner’s catcher, was swarmed by young children as most young fans would do. Dave soon realized, however, that an autograph was the last thing they wanted; they wanted food. They were starving, and they weren’t the only ones. The ball park was surrounded by poverty stricken villages. After that eye opening experience Dave and his wife Vicky made a pact to return and make a difference. It was in that moment, Esperanza was born.

Cracking the Celebrity Code

For the first time, “Cracking the Celebrity Code” takes you inside the star-making machinery of this privately owned international agency that delivers big results….for professionals and entrepreneurs of all stripes. From television to movies, from podcasts to publishing Best-Selling Books, from online marketing to magazines and newspapers, you’ll see how these innovative master marketers leverage a direct media empire to boost their clients’ profiles and their bottom lines – but never lose sight of the positive values that define their lives. You’ll also witness their celebrity-building methods in action – and hear firsthand why these methods actually work, from the business leaders that have benefited from them. You don’t need a telescope to see these stars align – they’re all here to reveal their secrets, in “Cracking the Celebrity Code!”


“Car Men” details the touching and occasionally hilarious story of how the Myers men created a car business that’s known all across America for its successful out-of-the-box thinking- not to mention its off-kilter TV commercials, featuring such quirky characters as an Elvis impersonator and Chainsaw Charlie.

Let Your Life Speak

An acclaimed best-selling author and communications coach, Bart Queen, has a love for people and life. He has coached hundreds of Fortune 500 executives and employees on how to live their life to the fullest, but there was one life that wasn’t following the principles he teaches…his own. Watch as Bart Queen reveals the secret to “letting your life speak” that he learned from his toughest client ever, himself.

Jacob’s Turn

Emmy® Award Winner

Jacob’s Turn is a mother’s story of Jacob Titus, her four-year old boy from the small rural community of Floyds Knobs, Indiana. Jacob loves to play T-ball, like thousands of kids across the country. Jacob also happens to have Down Syndrome. The film shows how Jacob’s “turn” at bat and on the field was a thrill for him, but more importantly, an event that transformed the hearts of everyone in his town.


Rich Dealers Animation