We’re VERY excited about this opportunity. How often do you get a chance to do what you love and change the world at the same time? Wait…you do this everyday! As a Non-Profit, Charitable Organization, or philanthropist, we know that you are hard at work changing lives everyday, and we know that nothing is more fulfilling or more gratifying than doing something that is just…well…GOOD. Now, we want to get in on it!

See, we make movies…and we’re not ashamed to say we do it pretty well. After winning an Emmy and receiving 13 Telly Awards for excellence in Television and Film; we feel we’re getting the hang of this thing. Our specialty is using the power of video and storytelling to market our clients with our Celebrity Branding® System. We normally do this for entrepreneurs and businesses because when it comes to credibility and branding we are firm believers that “People Buy People,” and you know what, IT WORKS.

But we want more…

We want to tell the story of your Non-Profit. We want to bring the people, the mission, and the cause to life using an Emmy Award Winning team that specializes in the art of storytelling. We want to make an entertaining and compelling film that will excite your current donors and attract NEW donors to your cause! Not only that, we want to show you how to leverage this film to gain the maximum exposure online and in the real world.

The best part is, the film costs your Non-Profit nothing. How? Fantastic question. We want to team up with Non-Profits who see the value of expanding their donor base through this unique film and branding opportunity. For the Non-Profits that do, we will customize a package for their donors that will highlight not only how powerful a film can be for you but also how they can be uniquely involved. Donors will have the distinct privilege of becoming Executive Producers (“Producers For Good”) of a feature film along with several other benefits and opportunities. Click the links below and be sure to Watch the video above and learn more about this unique opportunity and process.