Personal Connection:

Who are you? What’s your story? Why should someone give their money to your cause over others? These are actually the same questions we askour For-Profit clients when we present this Film Branding opportunity. If your product or cause is a good one, then it really comes down to one thingwhen it comes to a person giving money; do they like YOU. Does your story and your credibility stand out from the rest? After this film, it WILL.

In our Best-Selling book Celebrity Branding® You! we illustrate how important it is to bring your personal story to the masses because in the end“People Buy People.” The concept is the same for attracting donors and volunteers. With a film product that inspires and entertains, thepossibilities are endless.

Donor Attraction:

Donors are the foundation for what you do; they are your lifeline. Direct mail, emails, and events make an impact on donors and are a necessarypart of your marketing. That said, we live in a Video World. We live in the internet age. It might sound harsh but in today’s world, “if I can’t Google it,you’re not doing it.” But it’s more than that. The power of actually seeing what you do and FEELING WHAT YOU DO is invaluable. We want toproduce a film for you that gives you that power.

But WAIT, there’s more… 😉

Look, we’re are an award winning Television and Film Production Company, and that’s a huge asset for you. However, we are actually a productioncompany built on the backbone of a Public Relations firm. We’ve produced and directed over 300 episodes of television shows for our clientswhich have all aired on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates around the country, as well as on CNN, FOX News, CNBC, and MSNBC in majormarkets around the country, and we currently have a series airing on Bio!. We’ve published 40 Best-Selling Books for our clients and our SocialMedia Division is one of the best in the country. We will show you how to leverage our marketing expertise so you can reach more and attract moredonors with your movie.


A movie about your Cause will provide mass exposure, boost your credibility, and increase your donor base. Great! Oh, there’s one more thing. Itwill cost you nothing! How? We’re providing your current donor base a unique opportunity to be involved with making a MOVIE. Sounds excitingdoesn’t it? It is, we’re making a movie baby! Ok, maybe that was a little too Hollywood, but you get it. We will craft a custom package to present toyour donors giving them the rare opportunity of becoming an Executive Producer on your film. Think about it, not only will they get the opportunityto help your Cause in a really cool way, but they will also get to see their names on screen, movie posters, and will receive several other VIPprivileges and goodies for being involved.