Mission For Good®

Bring Life to your Giving:

We here at CelebrityFilms® believe wholeheartedly in social entrepreneurship. We have been blessed and we understand our responsibility to bless others. Matter of fact, we formed a Non-Profit called Marketers For Good which was the catalyst for our first Cause based film, “Jacob’sTurn.” The same reason we began that Non-Profit is the same reason we bring you this opportunity, we want you to be INVOLVED. We give to various causes but it is not often you get to be involved in a project and see the fruits of your giving. There simply is no better way to SEE your donations in action than to be an Executive Producer on a movie about your organization.

Become an Executive Producer:

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Trust us, it is! Making a movie and being in the entertainment business is something we’ve all dreamt about at some point. Putting an idea down on paper, from paper to camera, and from camera to the screen is a magical process, heck, that’s why we do it! We want you to experience that too. We want you to see a movie come to life—YOUR movie. We want you to see your name on the screen. We want you to see that big movie poster framed on your wall at home with your name on it and say to yourself, “I did something GOOD.”

We want you to sit at the premiere with a group of friends and donors and be entertained by a film you produced and think to yourself, “I did something GOOD.”

We want you to receive your Professional DVDs, Executive Producer Jacket, and Executive Producer plaque and smile to yourself, “I did something GOOD.”

We want you to tap into our marketing expertise to promote and distribute the movie, watch your cause gain a whole new level of exposure, and say to yourself, “I did something GOOD.”

I think you get it…this is a worthy, exciting, and powerful project to be a part of. A project developed by an Emmy Award Winning team and supported by one of the most innovative PR Firms in the country. Let us make you a part of it; Let us make you a “Producer For Good.”